10 Beautiful Cards for a Godmother’s Birthday

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People always say that when you have a godmother you have a second mother, another woman who will teach you values ​​and how to live life well, but in my case I can say that it is not only that way, because for me, you are not only a second mother, Someone from whom I learned so many things, but you are my confidant and my best friend, so today, on your birthday I ask you to never change, to always keep that smile, good attitude and allow me to continue loving you as always. Happy birthday and you meet many more.

happy birthday to the best godmother

Today that you are celebrating years I pray to heaven that you ask many wishes, and that all come true because you deserve it, you are generous and hardworking woman who deserves to fulfill all her dreams, I love you so much godmother. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday to you beauty godmother

Only a godmother knows how to be a friend, sister and mother at the same time and believe me that you know how to do that and more like no other. Today I woke up with the idea of ​​making your birthday as special as you made my childhood full of surprises and much joy!

happy birthday to you dear godmother

Dear godmother, happy birthday. I send you a big hug full of all the love and love that I have always kept you, and wishing you could be with me for many more years.

happy birthday to you fantastic godmother

Happy birthday dear godmother, I wish that all your dreams come true and that you always enjoy good health. 10 Beautiful Cards for a Godmother’s Birthday

happy birthday to you fun godmother

On this day, receive the most coordinated greetings for your onomastic

happy birthday to you godmother

I wish you would live a thousand years more

happy birthday to you great godmother

I wish that the deepest desires of your heart come true. 10 Beautiful Cards for a Godmother’s Birthday

happy birthday to you lovely godmother

God bless you and continue to allow you to live many more years. 10 Beautiful Cards for a Godmother’s Birthday.

happy birthday to you precious godmother

On this special day receive from the wishes of those who appreciate you most.

happy birthday to you wonderful godmother

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