Sweet Phrases for a Son’s Birthday

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I wish you a very happy birthday. If I’m not there to put out that extra candle with you, I’m here thinking. You have become a very young and strong boy. Enjoy your beautiful years are irreplaceable and I wish you enjoy them with intensity.

happy birthday wiser son

Dear, I hope this year brings you again beautiful perspectives and beautiful surprises. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday amazing son

A few years ago, you were a child full of mischief and life. I feel like it was yesterday. But we must face the facts, the boy has given way to a handsome young man with a bright future. Happy birthday, big guy. “

happy birthday awesome son

The year you were born… I have a very strong memory of it. We all knew when we welcomed you to the family that you would not be a child like the others. Since then, it has only been confirmed! Happy birthday to an “exceptional person. “

happy birthday beloved son

Over the years, your references change, your tastes evolve. But for me, you are and will continue to be my treasure, which I see growing with joy and pride. Happy Birthday to you.

happy birthday dear son

When your mother told me we would be parents, she made me the happiest man in the world. He gave me a wonderful gift, following your progress year after year brings me much joy and pride. Happy birthday, honey, with all my love.

happy birthday sweet son

Even if you get old, I am happy, because you become a little wiser every day. Congratulations on this day!

happy birthday pamper son

Another year has passed, but you are still everything to me, congratulations son.

happy birthday luckiest son

On this day I think for a moment, because I want to wish you all the best with all my heart to my son.

happy birthday lovely son

My best wishes for health and happiness. With these sincere words, this day really can’t be better.

happy birthday genius son

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